Writing a dissertation

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Title page

This is the first page of the dissertation. It should contain the name of the educational institution or organization, the full name of the author, the name of the work, the number of the specialty, the name of the supervisor (the academic title and degree are also indicated), and the place and year of the dissertation.

Table of Contents

In the table of contents are written all the headings of the sections of work (except for subtitles), and on the right, the title is indicated with the number of the page from which they begin.


The introduction is intended for a brief introduction to the essential points of the thesis. Here should be displayed:

  • relevance, goals, objectives;
  • novelty;
  • scientific significance and practical applicability;
  • approbation of the work and what the author himself did;
  • volume and structure of work.

Main part

It consists of three chapters. Chapters must disclose the topic of the dissertation. The first chapter is theoretical, and it reveals the history of the issue, as other researchers previously considered it.

The second part is the analysis. Statistics and research should be conducted, and specific data for a certain period should be analyzed. Conclusions are drawn, and a hypothesis is advanced. Any suggestions are made about what is being researched.

In the second part, a student should work with tables, graphs, and make calculations.

In the third part, he should notice what has been invented and should be implemented. Either it is implemented in reality and is described, or it is designed and prototyped that it would be if the obtained data were introduced and explained.


In conclusion, an analysis of the results obtained is carried out, the main essence of the new knowledge and data is presented, which are proposed for consideration and evaluation of the scientific community.

This summarizes the results of the work done. In contrast to the introduction, and the point of presentation of the material comes from the job done.


They show that the author has researched current developments in this field. Each source should be displayed in the text of the thesis itself.