Term paper heading

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Registration of term paper should be done following the written work standards. Therefore, in these guidelines, we present only the most general requirements for the design of term paper.

The final version of the work should be prepared in the Windows operating system using a word processor Microsoft Word. The text of the work must be placed on one side of an A 4 paper.

The work is performed in 14 pt TimesNewRoman font. Each page should contain 30 lines of 60 characters per line, including punctuation and spaces between words (1800 figures). Paragraph indentation should be 1.25 cm.

The fields should be 30 mm on the left side, 15 mm on the right, 20 mm on the upper part, and 20 mm on the bottom.

Pages must be numbered. The sequence number is placed in the middle of the bottom margin of the page without the word “page” and dots, observing the through numbering throughout the text.

The numbering of pages, sections, paragraphs, drawings is carried out in Arabic numerals without the “No.” sign. Page numbering is performed in Times New Roman font, size 10. The title page and pages indicating the structural parts of the course work are included in the overall page numbering, but the numbers themselves are not affixed.

Headers and subheadings

The headings of the structural parts of the course work and the headings of the sections of the central element should be placed in the middle of the line without a dot at the end. Headings of the central part of the work are numbered starting from one. Headings are printed in 14 pt, and with capital letters.

Headings of subsections and paragraphs are printed from a new paragraph and without a point at the end. If the heading includes several sentences, they are separated by dots. The headings of subsections are numbered with a double-digit through a dot, the first digit indicates the number of the heading, and the second digit indicates the subheading number.

Each structural part of the course work and section headings of the main part must be started from a new page.